Thursday, June 23, 2016

On the Recent Defamation of My Character

All the allegations made public against me this past week are in significant part false and constitute defamation. I will be fighting them, in both a court of law and public evidence and discourse. I will apologize for anything I actually did, if I haven’t already, but what I have actually done is not what is being described. I am fully engaged in taking legal action now. When stage one of that process is completed I will publish more about the truth of what is going on. Which is substantially different from what you are being told.

But I do not want FreethoughtBlogs or its mission to be compromised by having to devote resources to defending me or vetting claims or choosing sides. They have every reason to be concerned by prima facie claims of this nature, and I agree with their procedures to date (except for publishing defamatory statements about me). But they are not equipped to investigate these claims to determine which elements of them are true and which false. Others can. In fact I always welcome professional, independent investigations of any claim made against me, now or in future.

One such investigation, at the behest of the Secular Student Alliance, is underway and nearly completed. But FreethoughtBlogs lacks the resources for such a task itself and should be independent of this matter until the facts come to light. I have therefore decided it’s best for me to move my blog content to my own domain where I can operate independently and take all the heat myself, now and in future. Accordingly I will be moving my blog to my own website within a week.

I will use twitter for further announcements.

I will not be discussing this matter in public again until the first stage of my legal action is completed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving to FTB!

Today I am freezing my Blogger account and moving my blog to Freethought Blogs, a prominent all-atheist venture. This move will help me earn an income doing what I do, and give my work a higher profile so it will do more good. To make my life manageable I won't be posting here anymore, nor accepting any new comments on posts archived here, but I will keep this account open in order to keep its archives up for reference and posterity. (Transferring the archives to FTB proved too complicated.)

Everyone who is on my blogspot email list will still get announcements as always (you'll just be pointed to the new URL from here on out). But everyone who has been following me on feeds, will need to subscribe to a feed of my new blog at FTB. And as I am freezing all commenting here, if you want to pick up any discussion on any blog post I've made here, please comment on my inaugural post at FTB, which I will leave open as a catch-all, where anything I've blogged here can be discussed in perpetuity there.

Party on!